one little start
the bread and butter started its journey in 2003, London with only two people: a brand strategist and a designer. Since then, twelve years have passed where big ideas have sprouted and dreams were reached. With great pride, we can proudly say that the bread and butter has accomplished a tremendous amount of branding projects.
With the continual increase in annual sales, we are glad to say that the bread and butter have become a global brand consulting agency that initiates new sales activities with successful project performance. In fact, over 65% of our clients have recommended us to other clients. It is truly something we can be proud of.
Plan A + Plan B
Plan A of the bread and butter has been and will always be to position ‘strategic branding’ as our core business initiative: strategic brand communications
More importantly, the bread and butter has Plan B, which is our commitment to share and donate our unique brand consulting expertise and our profit to:
  • - local communities & NGOs
  • - small-sized companies with excellent performance but with no unique brand value
  • - social venture CEO with no branding knowledge and experience
  • - big corporations with minimal branding expertise
‘the bread and butter’ promises that we will focus on the core and share our knowledge with innovative companies.
Branding Journey
Pro Bono
Social Good
Benefit-driven Business
the bread and butter has a clear social vision, ‘To create SOCIAL GOOD IMPACT’ with our branding service that help solve the society-related problems arising in our community and world. Over the next year or so, we would like to explore how we can combine branding with social challenges. We call this combination ‘IMPACT BRANDING.’
sustainable guideline we try to make brand guideline work more sustainable for clients
social challenge we do not work for cigarette/ alcohol brands which could not give people good impact
impact report we publish our IMPACT REPORT every year: how we do business, why we do branding, and how we challenges social causes
1/30 every month, we save 1/30 of our net profit to BNB Dream bank account
10% we give a minimum 10% of our profits to charity, church every year
BBC (Bread & Book Club)
Once a month, the team members of the bread and butter select a book and take time out of the day to share creative insights as a book club. We call this the BBC (Bread & Book Club) as we share our knowledge while drinking coffee and eating delicious pastries or bread. At the end of our BBC session, there is a rewarding system where a small gift is rewarded to a member who thinks outside of the box, sees the world with a wider perspective, and shares inspiring insights.
Global Workshops
the bread and butter has participated in numerous global project meetings, workshops, seminars, trend research, and global safari analysis around the world (London, Berlin, Helsinki, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Dubai, Delhi, Hanoi, and Guangzhou). And through such participation, we can continue moving forward with something that we call ‘Creativity for Change:’ how we can create brands that are more impactful and unique at the same time.