Challenging ourselves to move forward for brand sustainability is perhaps the ultimate foundation and the goal of branding.
To practice ‘Betterment’ in branding, we will continue to support our community, donate, participate in pro bono branding, and social movement campaigns. We are formally committed to donating the equivalent of 5% of revenues or more to charitable partners each year - including in-kind product donations. In the turbulent times we live in today, we are thankful that we were able to perform all of the above and leave a positive impact.
Global Week of Impact
the bread and butter runs an annual talent sharing program called “Global Week of Impact,” where for a week, we support small-sized companies by offering our talent (strategy, naming, message, and design). Although this may seem like a very short period of time to create significant branding work, our work has shown to empower small companies to take the next step in building their true brand assets. It also drives and inspires our employees to achieve one goal : branding impact. If you know any companies or businesses that focus on creating positive social impact within their local community and need help with branding and communication, please email us at :
Community Branding Support (Delhi, India 2019)
Social Movement Campaign : CAUSE
To raise people’s awareness about the United Nation’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), the bread and butter happily
participated in the branding project of the social movement : campaign name (CAUSE), slogan, story contents, nine social cause icon design, poster design, and graphic simulation. CAUSE campaign was successfully held in Seoul City Hall in 2016.
CAUSE, because you are good camapgin
Social Movement Champaign :
The Practice of ‘Betterment’
Challenging ourselves to rethink and move forward for brand sustainability is perhaps the ultimate foundation and goal of branding. What kind of practice can we do for the ‘Betterment’ branding?
We are the first South Korean Certified B-Corporation brand consulting agency. Approaching branding in the vision of the benefit-driven business, we have continuously contemplated ‘Betterment’ in terms of branding.
'Package' is one of the essential branding elements that consumers interact with on a daily basis. However, after understanding how plastic threatens the global environment, the bread and butter launched a social campaign, ‘The Betterment Project’, by creating a little box to deliver a positive influence.
We included one 100% naturally compostable package that biodegrade in 24 weeks. The package is made by TIPA, New York’s innovative compostable packaging company. We also included a maple wood pencil to highlight, once again, sustainability.
Our hope is that this small box inspires companies to proactively implement compostable packaging from the standpoint of environmental protection and change consumers to look beyond the label and minimize their ecological footprint.
corporate social movement campaign - THE BETTERMENT PROJECT
Community Support
the bread and butter saves 1/30 of monthly net profit to ‘BNB DREAM’ bank account to help local & global communities, non-profit organizations, and disadvantaged people, whenever we see their needs.
ChariTea : Local Community Support
LitWorld : Children's Lantern Support
Community Support Donation (Sri Lanka)
Branding Support for Social Enterprise
Snack Support for Single Parent Children
Friends Coffee Roasters (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Medical Supplies Support Donation
Saffron : Local Community Support
charity : water Donation
charity : water Book Support
Community Support : Friends Coffee Roasters
the bread and butter, a Certified B-Corporation, celebrated its 11th year anniversary on July 23rd of 2020 by continuing to share the unique branding expertise to the community. We worked with Friends Coffee Roasters, located in Hanoi, Vietnam, to turn the café into a communal space where disadvantaged, young Vietnamese can build skills related to coffee. We also renewed the package design to better portray how the café’s profit supports the coffee bean farmers around the world.
Along with the branding project, the bread and butter and the Friends Coffee Roasters created a special limited blend that represents the past 10 years of the bread and butter as well as the core value of the company.
The flavor of the coffee beans represents the flavor the 11 elements that define the work and mission of the bread and butter: BOLD. There are two incredibly unique bold flavors that the bread and butter give to the community and its clients. : Expertise Boldness x Empathetic Boldness.
We hope that even in the future, the bread and butter can push forward with our values and mission to create a positive impact on the communities and small-businesses as a bold, benefit-driven company.
So Bold Coffee Bean Package
So Bold Coffee Bean Package+Leaflets
So Bold Message
So Bold Leaflet
Branding Support + Donation
Community Support : charity : water

What are things that we thirst for? Bigger house, better income, or even fuller lifestyle. However, as more and more of those desires get fulfilled, we only grow thirstier. In the midst of abundance, there are people who are unable to get access to even a single drop of water and are in need of our attention, time, resources, and talents.

the bread and butter, a brand consulting company that is also a certified B-Corporation, celebrated its 12th anniversary on 2021 July 23rd. In celebration of its anniversary and to respond to our community’s cries of thirst, we decided to partner with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

In addition to donating a piece of our sales profit to charity : water, we bought 120 books called THIRST that contain moving stories of the organization providing clean water to 660 million people who only have access to dirty and contaminated water. Through this book, we hope that more people will become aware of the crisis around water and thirst in the world.

It is our hope that this awareness of end the water crisis will motivate the readers to go out there and make their own story of compassion. And we believe this is a way that a brand consulting company can do social good and be part of environmental action.

Think Bigger, Feel Deeper, Give More.
charity : water support
charity : water youtube
charity : water supporting message
our environmental action
120 THIRST books support
Community Support : Grove Square
In celebration of the bread and butter’s 12th anniversary on 2021 July 23rd, we created a own brand called Grove Square. In times where market rapidly changes, the bread and butter’s strategist, copywriter, researcher, analyst, designer each extracted their unique intelligence and synthesized it to create a new platform like a metaverse. This brand embodies the bread and butter’s values of Plan A with leading branding approach as well as Plan B of sharing our talents.

GROVE= Growing + Relative + Original + Valuable + Exceptional

Grove Square is a special platform where we introduce how the bread and butter’s creative ideas come to life. It includes the bread and butter’s private brand, marc is brown, as well as products that came as a result of the bread and butter’s continual efforts in creating positive social impact (collaborating with brands in need of the expertise of brand consulting). Because we are introducing carefully curated and select products, we decided to call this special platform, our little forest, GROVE.

By introducing the products on Grove Square, visitors can learn more and buy sustainable products (that are yet to be known/yet to come to the surface) using the links attached. As one can see, Grove Square is a place of positive cycle and symbiotic relation of idea → product → impact → life. Ideas meet ideas to create extraordinary products, and those products make a positive impact on our society. Grove Square will continuously be updated with more mind-expanding and socially aware products so please enjoy our current selection of products.

If you’d like your product to be stocked at Grove Square please email us at All brands will go need to pass through transparency on how the product is made and its social impact. More importantly, the bread and butter does not take away any sales fee! Here is a place for only creativity and good.