KFHI brand renewal consulting
KFHI Brand Renewal Consulting Project
Project Scope
Global Case Studies + Insights/ Competitors' Landscape/ Brand Strategy/ Brand Portfolio Strategy/ Brand Slogan/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design Strategy/ Supergraphics/ Inforgraphics/ Application Design/ Editorial Design/ Marketing Communication Toolkits/ Brand Guideline
Challenges & Solution
Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) is an NGO founded in 1971 by Dr. Larry Ward from the United States. The foundation commits itself to nourishing physical and spiritual hunger through the Christian Faith. Over 50 years, KFHI has sent volunteers to 40 countries worldwide for international development cooperation and emergency relief projects. Unlike other NGOs, it serves children with bread and gospel. As such, ‘hunger’ at KFHI means more than just a physical state of being. It is a state of economic, social, emotional, and spiritual impoverishment. The foundation’s overall mission is to create a sustainable cycle of development and independence for the communities in need.

While COVID created a boost and revolution for channels of donations to many charities, it has also led to misuse of content that featured impoverished children (using more pitiful-looking photos on marketing touchpoints), now coined as ‘poor pornography.’ In response, the KFHI asked the bread and butter to consult on integrated brand renewal to complete a strategic platform that can clearly communicate the core value of the foundation, develop supergraphics for the main visual language, and synthesize various inconsistent application items that have been used in the past.

Despite the active progress of various businesses as missions, the brand concept has continuously been mistaken as “fight children’s hunger” due to its naming. Therefore, the new brand concept became ‘United in Faith and Hope.’ Based on the brand concept, KFHI’s three core values were derived as Faith, Empowerment, and Recovery, which shares bread and the gospel to the world and bolsters the community’s independence/empowerment through Faith, which leads to recovery from physical and spiritual hunger. With these values and brand concepts as the basis, KFHI’s new slogan was defined as ‘Friends of Hope.’

Inspired from KFHI’s brand value of combating children’s hunger, a new color system, color wheel, color combination bar, and two supergraphics have been developed. The first supergraphic is [A Series of Hope], a pattern system in which a cross symbolizing God’s love comes together in a round shape, representing bread, and forms an overall meaning of hope. This cross pattern is characterized by the flexible movement of the little cross module on the three primary green color gradation background and the emotive delivery of various visual messages. The second is [Life & Spirit], a system in which two curves representing physical and spiritual recovery are always interlocked, expressing the connection between Faith, independence, and healing, which are the central values of countering hunger.

As a result, supergraphics have been consistently applied to all marketing communication toolkits, such as outdoor ads, leaflets, brochures, invitation cards, stationery, signage, banners, collaboration kit, and certificate of donations to communicate KFHI in one consistent voice. It is made of brand guidelines so that the brand can be operated efficiently in the future.
KFHI Photography + Supergraphics (a series of hope)
KFHI brand values + supergraphic module
KFHI supergraphic modules + brand slogan
KFHI supergraphics - A Series of Hope
KFHI Color Palette
KFHI Inforgraphics
KFHI Outdoor Ads
KFHI Poster Design
KFHI Leaflets - 2p card type
KFHI Instagram Feed Visual Template
KFHI Editorial Design
KFHI Global Campaign Message
KFHI motion graphic