GUSHOOM, healthy eats from local specialties
Guri City Hall + Traditional Market
Single Household Package Brand Creation Project
Project Scope
Customer Research/ SWOT Analysis/ Brand Strategy(concept+positioning+portfolio strategy+architecture system)/ Brand Naming/ Brand Message/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design/ Supergraphics + Inforgraphics/ Package Design/ Editorial Design/ Application Design(Shopping Bag,GWP, Stickers, etc.)
Challenges & Solution
Guri Traditional Market located in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea is the largest in Eastern Metropolitan Area and has over 50 years of history. In 2013, the market was named as a tourist attraction, transforming it from simple grocers to a place filled with diverse cultural attractions. Guri City Hall’s Guri Market Revitalization Foundation planned interesting and welcoming themed streets (Gopchang Street, Youth Street, Pocha Street, Lifestyle Street, Flower Road Street, Traditional Market Street, and more) to revitalize the market that has lost its energy due to the 4th Industrial Revolution and advancement in technology. The Foundation also inquired the bread and butter for premium artisan brand development as well as single-household small packaging development.

the bread and butter conducted from market research + insights, brand strategy, brand portfolio strategy, brand architecture system, brand naming, brand slogan, brand story contents, brand design, to package design. It also created Guri Traditional Market’s new brand core value as ‘SHOP+ EAT + CONNECT + BE.’ SHOP represents numerous shops in the market while EAT represents fresh and trustworthy produces sold at the shops and the new and upcoming local eateries as well. CONNECT symbolizes the connection and interaction between customers-merchants, customers-products, and all the other exchanges that place. Last but not least, BE represents the comfortable and welcoming space of the market, one that is constantly developing to produce new experiences for customers. As such, Guri Traditional Market sets its goal to be not just any ordinary market but a MARKET OF STORIES.

GUSHOOM, healthy eats from local specialities
GUSHOOM is a brand specially made for single-household small packaging that we created from brand strategy to package design. The brand name GUSHOOM is made from an acronym ‘Guri's Ultimate Specialty in Healthy Organic Offerings and Makers.’ The unique aspect of this brand is that the healthy food created for a single household is packaged in small containers and delivered right to the customer's door, creating a one-stop system. As such, the brand communication message is ‘Healthy Eats from Local Specialties.’ As GUSHOOM targets consumers in their 20s and 30s, the main visual is called sunshine yellow, which is a super graphic that modularizes a single rice bowl and represents a dynamic and energetic lifestyle.

We hope that GUSHOOM will help build upon the success of all of those parts of the market.
GUSHOOM : symbol logotype + slogan lock ups
GUSHOOM : supergraphics 1
GUSHOOM : supergraphics 2
GUSHOOM : package design - fruit takeout box + inforgraphics
USHOOM : package design - mealkit
GUSHOOM : package design - paper cup
GUSHOOM : package design - shopping bag
GUSHOOM : label stickers
GUSHOOM : package design - leaflet