Guriondam- premium artisan brand creation
Guri City Hall + Traditional Market
Premium Artisan Brand Creation Project
Project Scope
Traditional Market Landscape/ Artisan Interviews/ Brand Strategy(concept+positioning+portfolio strategy+architecture system)/ Brand Naming/ Brand Message/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design/ Supergraphics + Inforgraphics/ Package Design/ Editorial Design/ Application Design(Shopping Bag,GWP, Label, etc.)
Challenges & Solution
Guri Traditional Market located in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea is the largest in Eastern Metropolitan Area and has over 50 years of history. In 2013, the market was named as tourist attraction, transforming it from simple grocers to a place with filled with diverse cultural attractions. Guri City Hall’s Guri Market Revitalization Foundation planned interesting and welcoming themed streets (Gopchang Street, Youth Street, Pocha Street, Lifestyle Street, Flower Road Street, Traditional Market Street, and more) to revitalize the market that has lost its energy due to the 4th Industrial Revolution and advancement in technology. The Foundation also inquired the bread and butter for premium artisan brand development as well as single-household small packaging development.

the bread and butter conducted from market research + insights, brand strategy, brand portfolio strategy, brand architecture system, brand naming, brand slogan, brand story contents, brand design, to package design. It also created Guri Traditional Market’s new brand core value as ‘SHOP+ EAT + CONNECT + BE.’ SHOP represents numerous shops in the market while EAT represents fresh and trustworthy produces sold at the shops and the new and upcoming local eateries as well. CONNECT symbolizes the connection and interaction between customers-merchants, customers-products, and all the other exchanges that place. Last but not least, BE represents the comfortable and welcoming space as well as a market that is constantly developing to produce new inspiration and experiences to costumers. As such, Guri Traditional Market sets is goal to be a not just any ordinary market but a MARKET OF STORIES.

GURIONDAM, a premium artisan brand
Guriondam, a co-brand that encompasses all of Guri Traditional Market’s product spectrum, symbolizes the Guri’s meaningful conversations and that takes place in the connections and friendly interactions between merchants and costumers. Guriondam is a luxury brand hoping to convey warmth of humanity in costumer’s life that has gone cold due to COVD-19 and its restrictions. Especially during traditional holidays such as Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) or Lunar New Year, Guriondam will be launching special GIFT SET for people to show their care and love. The refined black and white visual represents high-quality values of the brand where national masters make premium food with the best, carefully selected ingredients. The products ranging from dried seafood to pressed sesame oil are all carefully packaged in premium tin case and are planned to be launched upcoming fall.

Additionally, Guriondam’s intricate brand portfolio system is noteworthy as the bread and butter created four private brand label based on price & quality: the basic label with cheapest price, everyday label with ingredients catered to everyday eats, select label with healthy premium and careful selection from Guri Traditional Market’s masters, and the artsian made label which has the highest product quality produced by Guri’s Masters.
Guriondam- premium artisan brand : symbol logotype with slogan lock-up
Guriondam- premium artisan brand : supergraphics + leaflet
Guriondam- premium artisan brand : package design (dried seaweed)
Guriondam- premium artisan brand : package design (sesame oil)
Guriondam- premium artisan brand : inforgraphics