Paris Baguette
SPC group- Paris Croissant
Christmas Marketing Campaign
Project Scope
global dessert trend research & insights/ Christmas campaign strategy/ Christmas visual communication strategy/ Christmas cake design/ communication message
Challenges & Solution
South Korea's no.1 bakery brand PARIS BAGUETTE inquired the bread and butter to provide strategic consulting for its Christmas campaign. The overall goal of the campaign was to create ownable Christmas gift culture in December. Based on the concept of 'Christmas cake as a gift,' the bread and butter created the visual motif as a 'blue ribbon' to strengthen the PARIS BAGUETTE brand identity for the global market. The mixture of PARIS BAGUETTE's signature blue color and the ribbon shape, which represents an incredibly special gift. We hoped that this image of BLUE RIBBON CHRISTMAS could create the emotion of receiving or giving a precious gift to a loved one. To further communicate the importance of love and sharing during Christmas, we created a character called Miss PB to create a story. The storytelling approach was a success in that the costumers emotionally connected and empathized with Miss PB. Overall, the bread and butter's project with PARIS BAGUETTE was significant in that the marketing strategy we made ensures consistency in PARIS BAGUETTE's marketing concept, visual image, communication message, and its cake design & package.