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CJ O Shopping
CJ O Shopping
Celebshop Brand Renewal Project
Project Scope
design strategy/ supergraphics/ symbol logotype design renewal/ flexible identity system/ package design/ application design
Challenges & Solution
South Korea's leading home shopping channel CJ O Shopping has its own editorial brand CELEBSHOP. The brand became famous as Chung Yoongi, a renowned Korean stylist, recommends the trendy clothes live. This CELEBSHOP brand needed an iconic symbol to register the trademark at the IP (Intellectual Property) office and give a playful shopping experience to its customers. The bread and butter created pin-shaped symbols that originated from the alphabet 'C' and represented its brand positioning as a fashion editorial shop. Based on the main pin-symbol, we have created supergraphics that tells the brand story of the CELEBSHOP.
Celebshop Symbol Logotype
Celebshop Flexible Identity
Celebshop Supergraphics
Shopping bag
Celebshop Print Ad