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leegeehaam cosmetics
leegeehaam cosmetics
Brand Renewal Consulting Project
Project Scope
global beauty trend insights/ brand design strategy/ brand naming + communication message + brand story contents/ designs strategy/ basic design(symbol logotype)/ application design/ package design/ photography shooting/ brand guideline
Challenges & Solution
Leegeehaam, a leading cosmeceutical skincare brand in South Korea, was founded by three renowned dermatologists. They had a bigger vision of expanding the business overseas and reach out to global consumers. Thus, leegeehaam decided to renew its brand from its strategy to design. The bread and butter re-categorized their products into four different lines: LIFE-GROW-HOPE-MASTER. With such positioning as natural cosmeceutical, we also designed the symbol with two meanings: 1) drops of natural-ingredient extract 2) percent mark to show natural ingredient content. To visually differentiate each product line, we applied a color bar to symbolize different categories. New leegeehaam brand identity is now simple, contemporary, but aesthetically unique enough to attract Millennials. Leegeehaam successfully launched in global markets such as Target and Amazon in the United States.
With a shape of percentage mark(%), leegeehaam symbol logotype represents its cosmeceutical brand positioning.
Photography concept of Cell Explosion.
Press Kit (marketing communication toolkit)
leegeehaam website + mobile site
leegeehaam GROW-sun cream
leegeehaam GROW- hyal b5 ampoule in Sweden