CJ Culture Foundation
CJ Culture Foundation
Integrated Brand Renewal Consulting Project
Project Scope
global culture foundation case study research + insights/ brand strategy/ brand portfolio strategy/ brand architecture system/ brand naming + communication message + brand story contents/ design strategy/ basic design(symbol logotype)/ application design/ package design/ brand guideline/ marketing strategy
Challenges & Solution
CJ Culture Foundation has supported emerging artists in music, performing art, and storytelling through three different brands : Tune Up, Creative Minds, Project S. In order to make CJ Culture Foundation's three master brands more consistent and integrated, the bread and butter has created their new brand portfolio strategy, brand name(Tune Up, Stage Up, Story Up), communication message(believe in), brand design, and marketing strategy. These three brands have been successfully launched in October 2017.
Tune Up symbol logotype
CJ Culture Foundation's brand slogan + supergraphics
Tune Up symbol logotype : before & after
CJ Culture Foundation's 3 master brand symbol logotype : Tune Up, Stage Up, Story Up
Symbol Logotype Label
CJ Culture Foundation's Super Graphics that represents emerging artists
CJ Culture Foundation's Super Graphics with Brand Slogan
CJ Culture Foundation's Super Graphics applied in Photography
CJ Culture Foundation's Super Graphics + Brand Story applied in Photography
Tune Up- Poster Design
Stage Up - Poster Design
Story Up : Poster Design
Poster Design Simulation
Logotypes Simulation in Tshirts
Ticket + Wrist Band
CJ Culture Foundation's Website Intro Page
Website + Mobile
Marketing Communication Toolkit for Press + VIP
Brand Leaflet
Brand Guideline
CJ Culture Foundation's Brand Tagline