The Betterment Project
the bread and butter’s corporate social movement campaign– THE BETTERMENT PROJECT
Project Scope
social campaign concept/ communication message/ storytelling copywriting/ package design/ leaflet design/ production
Challenges & Solution
To rethink and move in a better direction for brand sustainability is perhaps the ultimate foundation and goal of branding. What kind of practice can we do for the ‘Betterment’ branding?

the bread and butter is the first B-Corporation Certified company that has continually contemplated ‘betterment’ in branding based on the vision of the benefit-driven business. Understanding that most packaging is made of plastic material, a critical threat to the global environment, the bread and butter launched a social campaign, 'The Betterment Project,' and created a little box to deliver positive influence.

the bread and butter used shale green, corporate identity color, as the box's main color that incorporated a 100% biodegradable package. We included LAMY's maple wood pencil to highlight, once again, sustainability. And we used a leaflet to wrap the pencil case to communicate our mission as a responsible branding in carrying out this social campaign. On the back of the leaflet, we also implemented photography as the background to convey the concept of compostable packaging.

We hope that this small box inspires companies to proactively implement compostable packaging from the standpoint of environmental protection and change consumers to look beyond the label and minimize their ecological footprint.
the bread and butter's sustainable branding campaign title
the bread and butter's sustainable branding campaign kit
The Betterment Project- Sleeve + Copywriting
The Betterment Project- Box design
The Betterment Project- Package Design
The Betterment Project- LAMY maple wood pencil + compostable concept photography
The Betterment Project- Leaflet + Message
The Betterment Project- Inforgraphics
The Betterment Project- Sleeve + Leaflet
The Betterment Project- box package photo
The Betterment Project- compostable package