Friends Coffee Roasters- cafe brand renewal project
Friends Coffee Roasters
Friends Coffee Roasters brand renewal project

Project Scope
marketing concept/ copywriting/ brand slogan/ design strategy/ symbol logotype design/ emblem design/ package design/ application design/ store facade design
Challenges & Solution
KFHI (The Korea Food for the Hungry International, non-profit organisation)’s Vietnam Center opened its first café Friends Coffee Roasters in the heart of Hanoi. The café not only brews coffee with only Fair-Trade coffee beans but also offers education classes for the disadvantaged, young people to learn skills related to café and coffee in hopes of fostering independence. Friends Coffee Roasters hopes to build a sustainable business model with a focus on actively helping others. As the branded experience, service, and products are crucial aspects of a café, the bread and butter developed Friends Coffee Roasters’ communication message, English slogan, design strategy, symbol logotype design, package design, along with application design and store façade design.

Since young Vietnamese millennials are the key population in Friends Coffee Roasters’ location, we selected ‘millennials pink’ and ‘natural green’ as the primary color for the café to be portrayed as contemporary chic in the bustling streets of Hanoi.

For the symbol logotype design of Friends Coffee Roasters, we created a single image type-like identity with café’s initials F, C, and R in three layers. And to highlight the uniqueness as a café and roastery, we used coffee bean shape as the visual language and combined it with the initials. More importantly, to playfully deliver Friends Coffee Roasters’ brand name and bring out the mission and vision of the café, the bread and butter created a communication message system ­­– Friends Coffee Pours Love, Friends Coffee Brewing Harmony, Friends Coffee Roasting Good Cause, and more– for the café to flexibly use it on social media and other marketing usages.

With the start in Vietnam, Hanoi Friends Coffee Roasters plans to extend its business and helping hands internationally to offer platforms for disadvantaged people to become independent and empowered.
Friends Coffee Roasters- symbol logotype
Friends Coffee Roasters- symbol logotype + emblem
Friends Coffee Roasters- communication message
Friends Coffee Roasters- takeout cup + sleeve
Friends Coffee Roasters- takeout cup + sleeve
Friends Coffee Roasters- package design
Friends Coffee Roasters- menu
Friends Coffee Roasters- label design
Friends Coffee Roasters- eco bag
Friends Coffee Roasters- shopping bag
Friends Coffee Roasters- store facade, Hanoi, Vietnam
Friends Coffee Roasters- store window