Beauty & Fashion
LLANG skincare brand renewal
Korea Ginseng Corporation
Superfood Cleanse Skincare Brand Creation Project
Project Scope
global beauty market insights/ case studies/ brand strategy/ brand portfolio strategy/ product line-ups/ brand architecture system/ brand naming + communication message + brand story contents/ design strategy/ supergraphic system/ inforgraphics/ basic design(symbol logotype)/ application design/ package design/ photography shooting/ brand guideline
Challenges & Solution
Korean Ginseng Corporation (KGC) is the no.1 health & supplement company in South Korea that makes products based on red ginseng extracts. Due to the perception that ginseng is only for adults and retired elders, KGC decided to create a new skincare brand with its key ingredient, red ginseng, to attract millennials. Thus, the bread and butter redefined red ginseng as a superfood for detoxification and intensification of skin immunity. Therefore, we proposed to KGC "Superfood Cleanse Care" as the central idea of the brand and "Cleanse Care Programme" as their product marketing matrix.

To visualize the brand concept and key ingredient red ginseng, we created a series of supergraphic patterns inspired by the shapes of superfoods such as mulberry, reishi, ginseng, etc.
LLANG symbol logotype on wildberry purple primary color
LLANG symbol logotype on supergraphic pattern
LLANG core values infographics
LLANG brand photography : red ginseng with a gold circle
LLANG package design : redgin magic oil
LLANG package design : Basic Line
LLANG package design : Cleansing Line
LLANG package design in overall
LLANG signature product DM 1 (+ supergraphic pattern)
LLANG signature product DM 2 (+ supergraphic pattern)
LLANG signature product DM 3 (+ supergraphic pattern)
LLANG photography shooting backstage
LLANG brand leaflet
LLANG photography
LLANG giftbox + label
LLANG website design (main+sub)