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Child Fund Korea Brand Renewal Consulting
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Global Case Studies + Insights/ Competitors' Landscape/ Brand Strategy/ Brand Portfolio Strategy/ Brand Architecture/ Brand Slogan/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design Strategy/ Supergraphics/ Inforgraphics/ Symbol Logotype Design/ Applications/ Signage Design/ Character Design(2D+3D+emoticon)/ Photography Shooting/ Brand PR Video/ Brand Guideline/ Character Guideline
Challenges & Solution
Always with Children

Child Fund Korea has worked in Korea for the last 75 years to uphold children's rights and help children suffering from poverty and disease. Child Fund Korea has gone on advocate for the welfare of children in Korea over the last seven decades. The organization promotes for the rights of all children, strengthens welfare programs, and actively responds to social issues, call-outs for humanitarian aid, and other critical issues impacting children, such as climate change.

Despite its peerless history and position as South Korea’s largest NGO, Child Fund Korea has not always effectively communicated its brand identity due to a poorly defined brand strategy. Even though it had been actively creating and leading initiatives to support children, it lacked brand awareness: its previous umbrella logo suffered from poor visibility on online platforms due to its use of too many colors, overly long brand name and complex layout. Consequently, Child Fund Korea reached out to the bread and butter to redefine its branding, with the aim of better conveying its values through an improved visual communication system, encompassing a refined logo, redesigned application, raft of marketing collateral and the creation of an entirely new brand character.

Based on the brand’s origin, business and impact, the bread and butter defined Child Fund Korea’s three core values as: the Provider of GENEROSITY, Leader of CHANGE, and Driver of IMPACT. These core values formed the foundation of its new brand concept: Giving Every Child A Better Future. All brand strategy elements were developed with the brand’s core target audience of children in mind, with a focus on moving away from poverty porn towards images of the brand supporting children’s growth, development and self-actualization. With this in mind, we initially suggested a brand slogan of "Letting Children Be Children,” which was ultimately simplified into “Always with Children.” “Letting Children Be Children” was then recontextualized as the brand’s business mission. We then got to work streamlining their collection of businesses and projects into three categories, to develop a brand portfolio strategy.

Child Fund Korea's previous brand colors were also a little old-fashioned, with its four different shades of green all seeming somewhat tired and dull. As such, the bread and butter proposed a new shade of green called "Grassy Breeze” to embody the brand’s focus on care, comfort, optimism, balance, and self-assurance. Additionally, in order to cultivate a more consistent standard of visual communication, we developed two different key visuals, which were then applied across the brand’s many physical and digital applications, including envelopes, shopping bags, leaflets, websites, social media platforms, advertisements, signage, uniform, and PR videos.

In order to ensure Child Fund Korea stood apart from other NGOs, we also created a brand character, who serves as a warm, welcoming brand ambassador, embodying the brand’s position as a 'friend' to children in need. Called Cho-Mung-ee, this character takes the form of a cute, chubby cartoon dog sporting a green umbrella and comforting smile. Just as the brand seeks to support vulnerable children, Cho-Mung-ee also offers out his umbrella to shelter children in need.

In the last phase of our rebranding, the bread and butter created a PR video and series of character clips for Child Fund Korea to use across its digital platforms to communicate its brand identity in a friendlier and more intimate fashion.

We believe that this massive brand renewal project generates real change, not only to Child Fund Korea’s brand identity and visibility, but also to the representation of underprivileged children in branding and marketing more broadly. It is our genuine hope that this branding will help Child Fund Korea to go from a large, faceless NGO to a warmer and more human advocate for children’s rights, letting children be children under the shade and safety of its green umbrella.
Child Fund Korea- supergraphics + message
Child Fund Korea- supergraphics + core values
Child Fund Korea- color palette + photography
Child Fund Korea- inforgraphics + photography
Child Fund Korea- supergraphics
Child Fund Korea- outdoor ad
Child Fund Korea- symbol logotype design renewal
Child Fund Korea- new symbol logotype
Child Fund Korea- brand leaflet
Child Fund Korea- instagram visual communications
Child Fund Korea- brand character : cho-mung-ee(3D)
Child Fund Korea- brand character : cho-mung-ee(2D)
Child Fund Korea- brand character applications
Child Fund Korea- brand character applications