Peruvian Coffee Brand Creation Project
PERU Cunavir Coffee Community
A New Coffee Brand Creation Project
Project Scope
Global Case Studies + Insights/ Competitors' Landscape/ Brand Strategy/ Brand Slogan/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design Strategy/ Supergraphics/ Symbol Logotype Design/ Applications/ Package Design/ Brand Marketing
Challenges & Solution
CUNAVIR is a coffee farming collective made up of members of the indigenous Yanesha tribe in the Villa Rica region of Peru. Despite having an excellent product and unparalleled sustainable agriculture practices, the collective didn’t even own the trademark for CUNAVIR, opting instead to sell their coffee in bulk to wholesalers. The bread and butter worked with them to revitalize the existing CUNAVIR brand, establish a new brand, TIERRA FUERTE, for their coffee product, and register both brands with the Peruvian IP Office. In doing so, we not only future-proofed their brand and community, but also empowered them to reach more consumers.

CUNAVIR practices organic, low-impact farming, producing excellent quality coffee while living in harmony with the natural world and uplifting their community. They enrich the environmental diversity of Villa Rica by planting a range of fauna alongside coffee, and 100% of their profits go to community development.

The name TIERRA FUERTE (“strong earth”) emphasizes CUNAVIR’s focus on enriching the natural landscape and the quality of the product. Its logotype adheres to the same visual language as CUNAVIR, with its slogan nestled between the two words to represent the collective’s integration within nature.

We created branding that is just as sustainable and environmentally-focused as them. Their flexible, highly modular brand identity system is easily updated and expanded, ensuring its long-term usage. Moreover, their biodegradable, eco-friendly product packaging quite literally puts their environmentalism into the hands of consumers. Our brand packaging is similarly flexible, meaning new products don't need entirely new designs: the two accent colors framing the arch can be changed, while its core colours remain the same. This allows the brand to develop new products while retaining cohesive visual branding.

This branding isn’t just bringing a new product to the market. TIERRA FUERTE will increase the visibility and commercial success of the region’s coffee beans, generating more income for CUNAVIR, which is then redistributed within the community. As such, it’s a powerful model of the symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship between the environment, community and commerce, all of which starts with and is facilitated by strong branding.
CUNAVIR- a coffee farming collective : new logotype
CUNAVIR- a coffee farming collective : new logotype
CUNAVIR- a coffee farming collective : core values
CUNAVIR's coffee brand - TIERRA FUERTE
TIERRA FUERTE - package design
TIERRA FUERTE - package design
TIERRA FUERTE - editorial design
TIERRA FUERTE - outdoor ads
TIERRA FUERTE - application design
TIERRA FUERTE - application design