ETONNE Plastic Surgery Brand Creation Project
ETONNE Plastic Surgery
A New Plastic Surgery Brand Creation Project
Project Scope
Global Case Studies + Insights/ Competitors' Landscape/ Brand Strategy/ Brand Slogan/ Brand Story Contents/ Brand Design Strategy/ Supergraphics/ Inforgraphics/ Editorial Design/ Website + Mobile Site Design/ Signage Design/ Instagram Design Template
Challenges & Solution
Launched in July 2023 to universal acclaim, ETONNE is a new plastic surgery hospital from the world-renowned Dr. Kim that marks both the culmination of his many years’ experience, and a platform for his novel model of client care. In branding this new venture from the ground up, the bread and butter had the pleasure of observing Kim's skill and innovation, peerless within his field. Our approach leveraged global research, case studies and our own internal expertise. After defining the brand’s three core values--Medical Expertise, Aesthetic Excellence and Holistic Experience--we established its concept: Your Tailored Journey to Excellence.

ETONNE understands that beauty is more than just skin deep, going beyond just medical treatments to provide holistic, pastoral services that centre client wellness. Our branding does the same. ETONNE’s core values chart its customer journey: “Medical Expertise” leads to “Aesthetic Excellence,” culminating in a positive “Holistic Experience.” This same narrative threads into its slogan, “Expertise. Excellence. Experience.” Its name itself similarly balances aesthetic elegance with technical refinement, both referencing "étonne” (French for “wonder”) and standing for [Establishing Technologically Original and Next-level Nurturing Experiences].

ETONNE’s visual language is, much like the brand, artful yet seemingly simple on the surface, with a rich, technical sophistication lying beneath. We created a system of modular building blocks, each representing an aspect of the brand’s identity; a circular supergraphic, for example, references its holistic care. Though they can be used in isolation, their genius lies in their ability to be strung together to craft narratives of the many “tailored journeys to excellence” offered by the brand. Its logotype combines elegant, precise lines with confident, bold strokes, embodying both its refined luxury and robust medical practices.

The flexibility of ETONNE’s system of modular supergraphics allows even laymen to create an endless variety of graphics in myriad formats, while still retaining a unified and consistently elegant brand image. An Instagram feed post, for example, might utilise just one element, whereas a billboard ad might feature a sequence of four and the brand’s website variously utilises them all. This is the bread and butter’s hallmark sustainable branding: we’ve provided ETONNE with a brand management system that is simple yet diverse enough to use in perpetuity, rather than a finite amount of content it’s unable to recreate or sustain after we’re gone.

The branding of most plastic surgery hospitals is defined by its reliance on “before to after” images, often accompanied by flashy graphics advertising cheap prices. In contrast, ETONNE’s USP is its focus on not just the destination, but also the journey. Its modular supergraphic system supports this. When used alongside written messages or professional and often conceptual photography, it effectively illustrates ETONNE’s beliefs, values and message, as well as its results. This reinforces ETONNE’s ethos that clients don’t represent a product to be sold, but rather should be able to enjoy their tailored journeys to excellence in peace.

The plastic surgery industry has recently been subject to scrutiny regarding its use of photoshopped marketing materials that reinforce unrealistic and harmful beauty standards. ETONNE and its branding represents the first step in what we hope will become an industry-wide paradigm shift towards a healthier and more sustainable relationship with beauty. It promotes the idea that authentic, lasting beauty isn’t just a filter on an image; it’s an ongoing journey towards excellence, supported by both expertise and experience. Similarly, much like the brand, its supergraphic system presents a sustainable model by which to achieve lasting elegance.
ETONNE brand image
ETONNE brand logotype + slogan
ETONNE brand core value
ETONNE brand core value
ETONNE brand core value + hospital lounge
ETONNE hospital main lounge
ETONNE supergraphics + outdoor ads
ETONNE supergraphics + outdoor ads
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ETONNE business card
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