Samsung Card x Shinsegae MKT Promotion
Samsung Card
Samsung Card x Shinsegae Department Store CSR marketing promotion project -[hello, local farmers]
Project Scope
marketing concept/ copywriting/ brand design strategy/ brand design(basic+package design)/ application design(leaflet)/ production
Challenges & Solution
Samsung Card collaborated with Shinsegae Department Store under the name of 'hello, local farmers!' to present local specialties to customers as gifts. The project was designed for co-prosperity with local farmers, who have been suffering from sluggish sales, including a recent sharp drop in exports due to COVID19.

Seaweed, one of the representative food of South Korea alongside kimchi, has raised about $500 million in revenue through international export before the pandemic. It is the staple of a child's breakfast, a substitute for moms on a diet, and dads' favorite drinking snacks. Therefore, Samsung Card and Shinsegae Department Store partnered with a local seaweed company to bring healthy but delicious seaweeds that our local community harvested to the table. The product has been drawing attention with the creative package designs that emphasize the characteristics of the local specialty. The witty wordings on the products have also left a positive impact on our community as something to laugh on has become an important element in the midst of pandemic.

copywriting + package label design
copywriting + package label design
copywriting + package label design + seaweed photography
copywriting + package design (tin)
copywriting + package design (tin + box)
copywriting + package design (tin + box + leaflet)
copywriting on leaflet design
copywriting + package design (box)
marketing promotion ad design