Samsung Card YOUNG LAB card wallet promotion
Samsung Card
Samsung Card YOUNG LAB marketing promotion project
Project Scope
marketing concept/ copywriting/ card wallet design/ card wallet production/ package design/ production management / leaflet design/ scratch card design
Challenges & Solution
As Millennials and Gen Z Koreans quickly come of age in getting employed, their interests and priorities shifted towards finance, credit building, and money management. Therefore, Samsung Card, an affiliate company of the Samsung Group and the leading credit card company in South Korea consulted us (the bread and butter) with the ambition to elevate its popularity and solidify its identity as the #1 credit card brand amongst the young generations. We put great effort into drawing a flexible marketing concept that can quickly adapt to Millennial and Gen Z lifestyle and trends as well as promotion plan called 'YOUNG LAB' that can continue as a series.

Our first creation became ‘MY FIRST CARD WALLET.’ To congratulate and celebrate the young generation receiving their very first credit card, we did not work with just any leather but with a blue-colored Italian sappiano leather that top luxury brands use. Also, to represent Millennial and Gen Z’s colorful personality, we used a hologram film to create a playful package and added a scratch card that may reveal a surprise prize! The current promotion is currently ongoing on Samsung Card’s Instagram (@withsamsungcard), so before this special event ends, shoot your shot to get hold of the luxurious card holder that everybody has their eyes on!
Samsung Card YOUNG LAB- my first card wallet promotion
Samsung Card YOUNG LAB- my first card wallet + package box
Samsung Card YOUNG LAB- my first card wallet promotion package design + leaflet
Samsung Card YOUNG LAB- my first card wallet promotion- scratch card