Korea Enterprises Federation Brand Renewal
Korea Enterprises Federation
Korea Enterprises Federation(KEF)'s Corporate Identity Renewal Project
Project Scope
global trend research & case study research/ brand strategy/ brand vision & mission/ brand message/ brand story contents/ press release/ brand design strategy/ brand design(basic+package design)/ application design(leaflet)/ brand guideline
Challenges & Solution
Korea Enterprises Federation(KEF), the nation’s top five economic organizations and the only user group in the company, has been representing the interests of companies in the pursuit of advancement of labor-management relations. July 15th of 2020 marked KEF's 50th anniversary as well as the new beginning as a comprehensive economic organization. Thus, the organization will pronounce its first-ever renewal the name from Korea Employees Federation to Korea Enterprises Federation (KEF). Along with its name renewal, KEF announced its new vision and mission, communication message, and established a brand positioning.

the bread and butter defined KEF, a labor-management relations expert, as a comprehensive economic and business organization that contributes to the national welfare with the power of intelligence, Intelligent Force. Thus, we redefined KEF’s communication message as ‘Empowering Businesses with Intelligent Force.’

To capture all of KEF’s empowering mission and strategies, we created an application design system with KEF’s own supergraphics: a gradation bar incorporation Heritage Blue, Intelligent Blue, and Ocean Blue colors. Most importantly, the new symbol of KEF was designed as a square symbol incorporating K+E+F English initials to capture the contemporary yet friendly image of the group.

As for the 50th anniversary emblem of KEF, it was expressed in simple lines and italics to convey the dynamism and forward-looking nature of the new KEF. The new corporate identity was successfully launched on July 15th, 2020 at the 50th Anniversary Event.
KEF- Symbol Logotype
KEF- Symbol Logotype on grid
KEF- 50th Anniversary Emblem
KEF- Communication Message
KEF- Application Design
KEF- Business Card
KEF- Brochure Design
KEF- Brochure Design : Cover
KEF- Brochure Design : Spread
KEF- Brochure Design : Spread
KEF- Signage Design