Samsung Card x Shinsegae MKT Promotion
Samsung Card
Samsung Card x Shinsegae Department Store CSR marketing promotion project -[hello, local farmers]
Project Scope
marketing concept/ copywriting/ brand design strategy/ brand design(basic+package design)/ application design(leaflet)/ production
Challenges & Solution
Samsung Card collaborated with Shinsegae Department Store under the name of 'hello, local farmers!' to present local specialties to customers as gifts. The project was designed for co-prosperity with local farmers, who have been suffering from sluggish sales, including a recent sharp drop in exports due to COVID19.

For the second promotion item, we worked with a nationally renowned omija extract company called Omiberry. Using the bubbly brand name, we incorporated humor and rhyming to create a catchy slogan of 베리베리 오미베리(very berry, omiberry).

The package designed used lollipop pink circle as the main graphic element to further highlight the vibrant and healthy nature of omijia berry. As for the layout of the label design, various pink circles were incorporated to promote the dynamic aspect of the omija berry. Finally, a circular gold foil was wrapped around the neck of the bottle, adding a chic and ritzy element.

The promotion was launched on July, 17th of 2020 in the national Shinsegae Department Store branches, website, and on Instagram earning a significant response from the public.

Omiberry- bottle label + leaflet + box
Omiberry- bottle label artwork
Omiberry- bottle + box
Omiberry- boxes
Omiberry- simulation
Omiberry- advertisement for Shinsegae Department Store