INVEST SEOUL CENTER brand design project
Invest Seoul Center
ISC brand design creation project

Project Scope
brand design strategy/ brand design(basic+application)/ simulation/ guideline(simple format)

Challenges & Solution
INVEST SEOUL CENTER was first established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Business Agency in 2007 to assist international entrepreneurs with their business activities in Seoul. From 2020, ISC (Invest Seoul Center) will be extending its business activities to pre-investment, administrative, and settling-in support as ell as aftercare for B2B networking and matching.

To attract ISC's primary target customers — overseas investors—the bread and butter created a brand identity design with serif typeface wordmark to deliver the trustworthy, intelligent, insightful, and friendly personality of the ISC. A large-sized 'SEOUL' was placed in the center to represent the boundless opportunities in Seoul. Overall, three letters of 'invest Seoul center' and the image deliver the new positioning of ISC: pre+post investment service and investment execution in Seoul.
Invest Seoul Center - logotype design
Invest Seoul Center - entrance signage
Invest Seoul Center - magazine advertisement design
Invest Seoul Center - logotype in color usage
Invest Seoul Center - VIP + PRESS gift
Invest Seoul Center - Brochure
Invest Seoul Center - singage
Invest Seoul Center - website + mobile site
Invest Seoul Center - exhibition stand design simulation