Jeju Mam is a world’s top-class, authentic sausage product developed by the bread and butter that has also won 6 gold medals at Germany’s international trade fair for the meat industry (IFFA). Jeju Mam is made of Jeju Black Pig Meat, free of any antibiotics and 100% Jeju-native ingredients hitting both healthy balance and value. Therefore, the bread and butter created a slogan 'THINK GOOD, TASTE GOOD’ to encompass Jeju Mam’s founder’s wish for eating clean and good foods to live healthy lifestyles.

Since Jeju Mam’s products are traditional German sausages, their names also keep the traditional: Nürnberger, Cabanocci, Wienner, Cheese, Chipolata in addition to mushroom bulgogi, paprika, and more. In total, there are 11 different offerings.

Purchase for Frieden Heim’s products can be done at, and the product ranges from Salami, Black Pig Meat Gruene Sausage, Schinken Ham, Wienner Sausage, Chorizo Sausage and more.

If you’d like your product to be stocked at Grove Square please email us at All brands will go need to pass through transparency on how the product is made and its social impact. More importantly, the bread and butter does not take away any sales fee! Here is a place for only creativity and good.
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If you are looking to purchase contents products created with the bread and butter’s smart ideas, we would be more than glad to ship them to any part of the world. But please be in mind that transaction is only available through bank transfer.

Please email us first at with your purchase details, name, and contact information.
Then we will reply to you with details for the transfer.
After we confirm the deposit, your orders will be shipped!
The delivery fee for all orders, regardless of the product, is USD $20.

- Returns and exchanges are unavailable.
- Gift wrapping service is available for free.
- Unfortunately, some of our sold-out products are unavailable for further production. But please check back again for more creative and innovative products our team is currently working on that will be made available for you in no time.
- You are looking to place a custom-made order? Sure you can! Just send us an email at, and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.