the bread and butter

our name

Our company name, 'the bread and butter'
means 'the essential sustaining element in life
and it symbolises our corporate philosophy of providing the essential element for all businesses - the "branding"

our purpose

Right from the beginning of the bread and butter, we were at least clear about one thing, ‘strategic branding with insights that will help clients to be more successful’. We call it as ‘SUSTAINABLE BRANDING’ which creates positive branding impact.
We do it because we believe it is important, and because we want to.
And we know we are doing something more than just working.

Staying true to our purpose will give us the best motivation at achieving
our vision of ‘the bread and butter’ becoming ‘the small, but great brand
consulting boutique’. It is a mission we feel strongly about.
We, therefore, hope our current/
future clients know ‘the bread and butter’s
branding service is strategically different,
not merely good but great.

our purpose : B the Change

As a Certified B Corp we want to use business to provide branding solutions for our clients to become more successful. With our effective branding methodology(FIMs), the bread and butter helps their businesses to be more sustainable and manageable, and to have a positive branding impact. We donate time, services(pro bono branding) and at least 10% of sales profit to support non-profit organisations, crowd funding projects, and small start-up brands. All the activities for bringing force for good are reported annually as our IMPACT REPORT.

Being a B Corp allows us to live purpose in a bold way with other like-minded companies. For more information about B Corp, please click

our strengths

Ten years in, we revisited our purpose, to check it
all still rang true.
The spirit of our original ‘purpose’
remained; we just simplified and refined it as
our beliefs when it comes to branding.

Based on our own proprietary methodology known
as FACTION(Fact+Fiction),
the bread and butter’s GREAT BRANDING PERFORMANCE comes from a skillful blending of our best practices, our branding knowledge, our strategic insights and our creative ideas fueled with our strong vision and passion.

our service

the bread and butter is dedicated to defining
new brands from scratch, or
to challenge their
existence, and will make them to engage more
with customers.

global network

With 6 global networks and partners, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering a service that is personal and tailored to their needs.

the bread and butter - Seoul Office (head office)


the bread and butter - London Office (design studio)


head office

8 impact milestones

We have been dedicated to creating positive branding impact that delivers sustainable brand management system,
and motivating
communication messages and visuals
which bring attention to invisible social challenges.

2018 annual report

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anything in the annual report,
please send ideas on
how we can do better,
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2018 impact report

We invite your feedback on our impact report in
relation to those aims, objectives, questions and
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