One Little Favour

Not for Profit


MERCY Juice + the bread and butter


Social Good+ Cold Pressed Juice Brand Creation Project

Project Scope

collaboration plan/ brand strategy/ brand naming/ brand slogan/ brand story/ brand design/ copywriting/ package design

Challenges & Solution

To celebrate the bread and butter's 7th anniversary in 2016, we decided to make a 100% social juice with a leading cold pressed juice brand, MERCY JUICE. the bread and butter created a new brand, ONE LITTLE FAVOUR, from strategy, naming, design, and trademark registration, while MERCY JUICE produced the juice, sold them in their stores, and promoted in their website. All profit went to help young social ventures and social community, so it is 100% social juice. Based on Bible verse (Luke 17:1-10), we made ONE LITTLE FAVOUR with real mustard seeds.

ONE LITTLE FAVOUR logotype design

ONE LITTLE FAVOUR brand concept

ONE LITTLE FAVOUR collaboration map

ONE LITTLE FAVOUR juice ingredient

ONE LITTLE FAVOUR stamp card on mustard seeds