Functional Mineral Water Brand Creation

Food & Drink


Pulmuone Waters (Pulmuone Korea + Nestle Waters)


Premium Functional Mineral Water Brand Creation Project

Project Scope

brand concept + positioning/ brand naming + communication message + brand story contents/ design strategy/ supergraphic system/ inforgraphics/ basic design(symbol logotype)/ package design

Challenges & Solution

Pulmuone Waters, a joint venture between Nestlé Waters and the Pulmuone Group, wanted to create a new functional water brand targeting millennial consumers,
with 2 category lines : Calcium water, Magnesium water. the bread and butter has researched and analysed global functional water market, redefined brand positioning,
and has created a new brand name BODYFUL which is a mixed word with Body + Full. Each product name has its own mineral's atom number, so BODYFUL 20 for calcium water, and BODYFUL 12 for magnesium water.

To visualise the brand concept and mineral functionality(calcium+ water), we've made its supergraphic system with each mineral's atom pattern, and applied this pattern directly to main graphic image of package label. Also, to stand out from the retail shelf, to differentiate from other competitors' decorative package label design, we tried to give considered simplicity and clarity to overall package design.

BODYFUL logotype design

BODYFUL package design label for Calcium Water

BODYFUL package design label for Magnesium Water

BODYFUL launch in the big retail (department store)

BODYFUL Inforgraphic design for Calcium Water

BODYFUL inforgraphic design for Magnesium Water