ATEANERY natural tea skincare branding

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Global Natural Tea Skincare Brand Creation

Project Scope

brand strategy/ brand naming/ brand communication message(Korean/English/Japanese/Chinese)/ brand story contents/ press release/ brand design strategy/ brand design(basic+application)/ illustration design(tea leaves)/ package design

Challenges & Solution

Based on Clean Beauty Movement in a global market, T4U Japan asked the bread and butter to create a natural skincare brand that delivers "plant-derived" clean beauty with distilled tea leaves, rather than just using organic source. It takes over 3,040minutes for 1 small bottle(200ml) to extract the true essence of tea leaves from the distillation process. So we defined its concept as "slow beauty" and developed its communication message in 3 different languages : 1) slow and potent beauty distilled from tea(English) 2) ピュアなteaの1滴-なりたい自分になる!(Japanese)

To visualise authentic & slow production process, we used an illustration drawing of each tea leaves: peppermint, black tea, and lemon myrtle, then used these illustration to bottle background to appeal slow beauty care with distilled tea leaves. And to categorise each product line, we put the dark green band as a graphic signifier in the centre of the front label with logotype inside.

ateanery logotype design

ateanery package design - peppermint line

ateanery package design - lemon myrtle line

ateanery package design - black tea line

ateanery tea leaves illustration drawing + design concept moodboard

ateanery tea leaves illustration drawing - black tea

ateanery tea leaves illustration drawing - peppermint

ateanery tea leaves illustration drawing - lemon myrtle

ateanery package design (concept draft)

ateanery package design (concept draft)

ateanery package design (sampling)