FATION derma skincare brand creation

Beauty & Fashion


Dong-A Pharmaceutical


Derma-Skincare Brand Creation Project

Project Scope

brand concept + positioning + communication message + brand story contents/ design strategy/ supergraphic system/ inforgraphics/ basic design(symbol logotype)/ package design/ SNS Visual Template Guideline

Challenges & Solution

One of S.Korea's leading pharmaceutical companies, Dong-A Pharmaceutical appointed the bread and butter to create their first skincare brand with key anti-ageing ingredient called noscam complex. The client wanted to empower millennial customers to have more confident with their original beauty in which the brand name 'FATION' stands for 'light on your own beauty'. With this in mind, we created FATION brand story contents, and symbol logotype design that four beauty function modules are shown inside the petal shape symbol. Also, we tried to have Dong-A Pharmaceutical's 87 year heritage in the logotype with sophisticated serif and classical stroke. In the package design template, in order to manage various product lines, we made a white label with an apricot pink line and 2 color block background template that each represents product line color(top) + brand master color(bottom).

FATION was successfully launched in November, 2019 with a celebrity TV AD (https://youtu.be/5Z2guAuTNHw)

FATION package design label

FATION package design - mosturising line

FATION package design - anti ageing line 1

FATION package design - anti ageing line 2

FATION package design - homme line

FATION package design

FATION inforgrphic design

FATION supergraphic design + DM

FATION gift set design

FATION website design + mobile

FATION instagram feed design template

FATION instagram feed design template