Shinsegae Daegu



Shinsegae Department Store


Open Marketing Strategy Consulting

Project Scope

global retail market research & insights/ case study research/ brand strategy/ retail strategy/ MD strategy & zoning/ marketing strategy/ communication message

Challenges & Solution

the bread and butter has planned open marketing strategy for Shinsegae Department Store's Daegu branch which the largest department store in the area of 3,638,200 square feet. We categorised Daegu city, where the most affluent customers are, into three different zonings based on their income. To make Shinsegae Department Store as a destination for entertainment and largest community area, the bread and butter defined its position as a experience-oriented playground not a sales-oriented store. Now, Shinsegae Department Store Daegu has the largest retail tenants, cultural hall, eco-friendly theme park, food street, exclusive luxury floor, and the first aquarium in Daegu city. As of April 2018, Shinsegae Department Store Daegu became the landmark of Daegu with over 10million visitors annually.